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1. At what age should a female have her first gynecologic exam?
We recommend that females have their first exam when they are 18 (seniors in high school) or at any age when they become sexually active in the absence of any problems.  However, if she develops problems with vaginal bleeding or discharge, premature puberty with breast or hair development, or problems with lower abdominal pelvic pain we have specialized techniques to evaluate and examine young females from infants to adults.

2. How often should a female have a gynecologic exam?
We recommend annual examinations appropriate for a woman’s age for all females.  These examinations should include breast and pelvic examination and pap smears even if you have had a hysterectomy and even if all your pap smears have been normal and you are post menopausal.  We recommend additional screening tests based on your age such as osteoporosis screening, cholesterol, colonoscopy etc.

3. When should a female have a mammogram?
We recommend a mammogram for a baseline at the age of 35 then annual mammograms for all women after the age of 40.

4. How long should a couple wait when they are trying to become pregnant before an evaluation is recommended?
In the absence of any problems pregnancy should occur within 6 months of unprotected intercourse 80% of the time.  We recommend beginning an evaluation after 6 months of unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy.  Of course, if there are any problems such as irregular periods an immediate evaluation is recommended.

5. What information should I bring to my appointment?
See New Patients and Existing Patients pages for downloadable forms that can be completed prior to your visit.

6. Will my doctor deliver my baby?
At Mexico Women’s Health we believe that personal attention is important.  Dr. Jones delivers more than 95% of his own patients. He also takes care of his own patients during their hospital stay.

7. How do I reach Dr. Jones if I have a medical problem that requires immediate attention?
From 8-5 Mon-Fri call his office. If you are pregnant, call Labor and Delivery at Audrain Medical Center after hours or present to Labor and Delivery and you will be taken care of.  If you are not pregnant, you may call Audrain Medical Center and have the doctor paged or present to the emergency room and tell them that you are Dr. Jones’ patient.

8. What insurance plans do you accept?
We accept most managed care plans, Medicaid, and Medicare.  If you do not have insurance we sincerely try to set up affordable payment options for everyone.  Please contact our office to ask specific questions about your plan.  If your employer provides options of different plans for you to choose from we would like to help you choose the best plan to meet your needs.

9. Do you provide abortion services?
No.  We provide counseling in crisis pregnancies and try to help women with difficult decisions.

10. If I am a minor can I make decisions about my healthcare and receive treatment without my parents or legal guardian?
Yes. We always encourage minors to involve their parents in their healthcare but we realize there are always appropriate exceptions.

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